Human Services – Online Educational Career Training Options

Accredited online schools and colleges are available to provide students with the opportunity to obtain the education they need to pursue careers in human services. Training in this field will allow students to gain the knowledge and skills needed to enter into the career they desire by studying from the comfort of home. Students can choose to obtain certificates, as well as associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral level degrees based on their desired career. Accredited training is available to students in a number of specialized areas of the field.

*Developmental Service

Training in this specific area of human services will allow students to gain the education needed to have a successful career. Students can choose to obtain an accredited online education in order to pursue a:

Associate Degree
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree

…in this area of the field.

Training will vary by online school or college and level of education but may require students to study a variety of coursework. Studies may consist of subjects such as:

Organizational Research
Health and Social Policy
Developing Public Policy
Public Health
Human Development

…and many other areas of study.

With training in these areas students will be prepared to enter into the workforce in a variety of careers. Possible careers can include working as:

Elderly Services Provider
Substance Abuse Worker
Adult Services Worker

…and many other professions.

Gaining an accredited online education in developmental services will open a world of opportunities for students when entering into their desired career. Online training in this area of the field will provide students with the means to succeed.

*Social Service

Students who choose to obtain an accredited online education in social services will have a number of options to choose from. Students can pursue a number of training options including:

Associate Degrees
Bachelor Degrees
Master Degrees
Doctoral Degree

With an accredited online educational training program in this field students will prepare for their desired career by studying a variety of courses. Specific coursework may include the study of:

Human Development

…and much more.

By gaining an education in these areas students will be able to pursue a number of exciting careers. Students will be able to seek employment as:

Social and Human Service Assistants
Social Workers
Social Services Managers

…and much more.

Accredited online social service educational training programs will give students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in this area of the field.


Self Care for Human Service Providers

All too often, human service providers are dedicated to the care and treatment of their clients while neglecting themselves. Human service providers include social workers, counselors, marriage and family therapists, and drug and alcohol counselors just to name a few. Often these professions can be stressful and draining. This necessitates the importance of emphasizing self-care for human service professionals. After all, it is difficult to assist and serve others if you are burned out, drained, and/or overwhelmed. Consider the following tips to practice self-care and avoid burn out:

Do not over commit: The responsibilities facing a professional clinician or human service provider can be great. Some clinicians report being tugged in so many directions that they can’t keep up. Learn to prioritize and set limits for yourself in order to avoid overwhelm and burnout.

Boundaries: The book “Boundaries” by Dr.’s Cloud and Townsend provides excellent strategies for learning and fine tuning boundaries skills. The better the boundaries, the more efficient the clinician.

Take needed time off: Don’t be afraid to take time off or a “time out” if needed. In fact, may public sector social work and mental health employers offer as much as six weeks’ vacation per year. There are several good reasons for this strategy including burnout prevention.

Get plenty of sleep: Adequate sleep is greatly underestimated in the United States. A majority of Americans do not receive adequate sleep which can alter a person’s ability to cope.

Relax: Relaxation and stress reduction skills are important not only for our clients. Make it a habit to engage in regular relaxation and stress reduction exercises such as deep breathing or even a yoga class.

Consult and collaborate with colleagues: Colleagues who engage in regular contact can provide support and normalization in the life of a clinician.

Identify the warning signs of overwhelm: This can include, but is not limited to unexplainable fatigue, loss of energy, difficulty sleeping, and decreased ability to cope with stressors.

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Human Services Jobs For Online Degree Holders

Many top accredited online universities offer different online degrees in the area of human services. Wide range of different jobs is available for online degree holders. Job cluster includes all family and human needs related jobs. Online degrees in human services enable you to join diverse careers. Job growth rate is increases for human services as with increase in emphasis and awareness on social programs. Professionals working have specialized training. After joining any human services job you will be helping others by organizing or leading group activities. You will assist your clients to improve everyday life. Jobs are not limited to clinical or medical jobs. If you love to work in challenging environment it will be right choice for you. You have to decide suitable boundaries with your clients. It is necessary because you are helping people irrespective of religion, culture and social status. Many important diverse careers are available for human services online degree holders.

Important Human Services Jobs
Many different jobs are available for professionals. Some of them are as follows. These jobs vary from agency to agency. Jobs are available in government, non-profit and private agencies in different work settings such as offices, clinics, hospitals, group homes, shelters and client homes. Professionals help infants, old aged people, homeless and addicts, mentally ill and disabled people.

Behavioral Technicians (Direct Care Counselor/Worker, Youth/Adult Specialist)
Behavioral technicians directly work to supervise and support ongoing care and monitor therapeutic environment. Professionals work with case management and clinical staff on combined basis to support client’s participation in case planning.

Case Manager
Cases Manager develops suitable case plan and goals in association with client. After planning Case Managers give complete assessment and support to assist the client. Clients will able to use community resources to fulfill individual needs. Professionals work with counselors and behavioral technicians.

Counselors work with individuals and groups. Counselors provide services in different areas such as career, education, substance abuse, mental health, life skills and family. Counselor reports to managers or supervisors. Undergraduate degree in any specific area of human services is required to work as counselor.

Social Worker
Social workers carry client surveys and interviews to organize and plan programs to endure social and emotional needs of clients. Social Workers directly work with clients and enable them to utilize community resources in effective way to flourish individual needs. Social Workers report to case manager and director.

Program Director
Program Director designs and applies programs on organization scale. Program Directors also evaluate all needs of plan and work to complete the objectives of program. Directors direct and supervise staff and monitor ongoing state and federal requirements. Director reports to Executive Director and Vice President.

Development Director
Development Directors work on strategies to raise funds and develop fundraising programs. Fund Raiser develops targets and collects funds to complete targets and reports to Executive Director.

Grant Writer
Grant Writers work under Development Director and Executive Director. Grant Writer search new funding sources and renew grants.

Psychologist evaluates and helps to design treatment plans and maintain ongoing mental health programs. Psychologists provide psychotherapy to individuals, families and groups. They use assessment tools such as DSM-IV to measure progress of any plan. They also train agency staff to fulfill the needs of clients.

Executive Director
Executive Directors have the ability to direct staff, volunteers, board members and community in a way that they can work together with ease to get common goals. Primary responsibility of Executive Director includes daily operations, budgeting and communication with board of directors and staff management.

Administrator plays important role. Administrator runs entire agency and can work as head on temporary projects. They also develop effective budget that help their team members to serve clients effectively. They also spend time with politicians and other funding officials to increase project funding. Administrator also ensures that team members work with in the budget. They also provide training and guidance to workforce to make them productive.

Correction Workers
Human Services Professionals also help criminals by educating them new skills and allow them to adjust their lives as honest citizen. In order to prevent crimes workers help criminals when they are in jail. Correction workers educate criminals new skills in workshops and behavior modification programs for their new lives before their release dates.

These are some important careers or human services jobs for online degree holders.
Different degrees from bachelors to master’s level in human services offer career category with distinct applications. It is a great field and you will have fun with work. There are endless possibilities to advance career in the field of human services. All skills whether you learned during the degree programs or on job are marketable and required in every region of the country. If you choose this field as career you will find out this career is more than a simple job. As career human services proves best for those who are dedicated and interested in helping others. If you are ready to accept challenges to make differences human services will be the best career option for you. Many top accredited online universities offer different online degrees in the field of human services. Online degrees enable students to join entry level positions. On the other hand human services professionals can upgrade their skills by earning online degree.